The Underdog – Pt. 1

Everyone loves a good underdog story and I think it’s because everyone, in some capacity, feels like an underdog. I think there are areas in all of our lives where we feel like the odds are against us. It could be the fact that nobody in your family has ever graduated. It could be the fact that your parents are divorced. It could be that someone in your family is a drug addict or alcoholic. It could be that someone you know battles anxiety or depression. The question becomes “Can I live a ‘Good’ life when I have no frame of reference for what ‘Good’ looks like?”

I think about Josiah in 2 Kings, who became the king of Judah at 8 (EIGHT) years old. Long story short, his great grandfather was a good king, his grandfather was a bad king, and his dad was a bad king. He would only have ever HEARD of his great grandfather. His only experience, or frame of reference for what it looked like to be king, was bad. In fact, his dad was assassinated. Now an 8 year old boy has the reigns of leadership thrust upon him. If the odds were ever against anybody, they were against this young man.

So how is this young man going to respond? Is he going to do well, or will he just be a product of his environment? Come back next week and we’ll talk about it some more.

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