The Supernatural

We’ve been talking about the supernatural over the last couple weeks in Regen.  I think young people have an interest in the paranormal (horror movies, spirits etc) because it’s a counterfeit of the GREATER power that exists in God.  Does God still heal today? Does God still speak to people today?  I believe the answer to both those questions is YES.  

Last night we looked at Acts 3 and the healing of a man born lame.  Three observations:


Peter and John were two ordinary guys that had made a decision to follow Jesus.  There was nothing special about them.  They had anger issues like we do.  They spoke before they thought like we do.  They made mistakes, just like we do.  They didn’t go to “How to perform miracles” school.  They didn’t learn magic words that would make lame people walk.  They were simply two people that said yes to Jesus, and had faith in him.


They hadn’t just come out of church.  They weren’t just on a spiritual high.  As far as I can tell, it wasn’t even a Sunday.  They were going about their regular, daily routine when an opportunity presented itself.  I don’t often find that lack of opportunity is THE issue for humanity.  More realistically, MISSED opportunity is the issue that we struggle with.


Ordinary people.  Ordinary time.  Supernatural God.  These guys had literally nothing to offer this man.  He asked for money, and they didn’t have any (they really didn’t). So they say to this guy “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, get up and walk.”  And the guy actually got up and walked.  If you feel like you have nothing to offer, you’re not necessarily in a bad spot.  These guys didn’t either.  They just gave the guy what they had – which was Jesus.

Take advantage of the “Ordinary” opportunities that you have, because they’re not really “Ordinary.” I never want my faith to be the barrier between the natural and the supernatural.