Society is City Life Church’s ministry for all young adults ages 18-30 in the City of Chilliwack. Society has two main goals: to build, strengthen and equip young adults and to see the lost saved. Society meets once a month on Friday nights at 7:30PM for powerful worship, inspired teaching and community. They also host Life Groups at various locations throughout the week and have regular fun events.


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Our Leaders

Barrie Thiessen
Natasha Thiessen

Andrew vanSanten
Young Adults
Geoff Mader
Young Adults
Nathan Shankland
Young Adults
Lucille Shankland
Young Adults
Kayla vanSanten
Young Adults
Brittany Mader
Young Adults

Life Groups

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Young Adults

Chad Lueck

Life is meant to be done together. We'll meet Sunday nights, do a short podcast teaching then enjoy some food and hanging out. Once a month, we'll change things up and either go out for a fun night somewhere or do a games night at our place. Looking forward to getting to know you over the next few months.

Adults only pls. (no childcare)

This group is led by Chad & Christina Lueck.

When: Sunday Time: Evening Type: Young Adult Area: Fairfield Island

Young Adults

Sheldon Todhunter

When I first started my path as a Christian I had so many questions and having a safe place and someone I could talk to, like a spiritual mentor, would have made some things so much clearer.

In this group I want to create a place for young adults to gather who may have had issues with depression, some other mental health issue, or just need a safe place to talk.

We'll be meeting at my place on Wednesday evenings. Please contact me for more information.

When: Wednesday Time: Evening Type: Young Adult Area: Sardis

Young Adults

Janelle Manzey

This is a young adults group for men and women. A place to be able to come, fellowship and build community with one another. We will be doing a video series as well as just hanging out and eating some good food.
We would love to have you! If you have any questions feel free to call/text Janelle @ 604-378-1229.

This group is led by Janelle Manzey & Maddi Whitehead.

When: Tuesday Time: Evening Type: Young Adult Area: Fairfield Island

Young Adults

Andrew van Santen

Coming together as young adults to learn about who God is and how we can apply His word in our lives. Growing together as friends, family, and of course... enjoying some good FOOD (everyone will be taking turns bringing snacks)!!!
We meet every Sunday night and will be alternating fun nights with teaching nights.

This group is led by Andrew & Kayla van Santen.

When: Sunday Time: Evening Type: Young Adult Area: Fairfield Island

Young Adults

Jon Mackie

Hey Young Adults!
You're invited to join us Mackie's for dinner on Sunday nights. Come for intentional conversation, good food & some fun!

When: Sunday Time: Evening Type: Young Adult Area: Promontory/Ryder Lake