Lessons We Learned On Reece Ave

God is trying to teach us something in every season of our lives, whether you feel it to be a “Good” or “Bad” one. We need to lean in and discover what God is trying to do. Natasha and I recently bought and renovated a house on Reece (thus the title) and here are some things we learned:

1. Calculated, advised risks, are good
Risks can be good or bad. Taking the wrong risk can change, ruin, or even take your life. Proverbs 11 tells us that in the multitude of counsel there is safety. Talk to people before you take risks. See if they think that what you’re doing is wise.

2. Know before you commit
To most things in life. Know if you have the time, ability, energy to do what it is that you’re committing to. Nobody likes starting stuff they can’t finish.

3. De-clutter
Amazing to me the conditions that people allow themselves to live in (in their houses). They just adapt to walking around clutter or get used to bumping into garbage all the time. Same is true for life. If you don’t deal with your stuff, you will adapt and your “Stuff” will eventually overtake you. Take care of the unforgiveness/anger/shame/guilt in your life. You will enjoy life MUCH more.

4. Expect the unexpected
No matter how much you prepare and plan for things in life, the unexpected WILL happen. Dead mice, more work, more money etc. How are you going to respond? Give up? Throw in the towel? Or lean in to God, adapt, and overcome? Decide now.

5. Know who’s with you
Would have been a real bummer to spend a bunch of money buying and then starting renos on this house, only to have our friends we bought it with, back out. Luckily, we have good friends. Friends are the maybe the most understated thing in a person’s life, but one of the most important. At a young age, there aren’t many things that will affect the trajectory of your life like the people you’re doing life with. Choose wisely.

6. Celebrate the little victories
House renos are a lot of work and it sometimes feel like little progress is being made. It’s good to get excited about making SOME progress – like getting sod down on a lawn. Life is challenging, and can be overwhelming. Celebrate little victories – like a decision to not give into peer pressure, or to end a toxic relationship, or waking up early to read your Bible for 10 minutes. Chances are pretty good, you’re doing better than you think you are.

Much love!

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