Fan The Flame


We just came out of our prophetic meetings last week.  Some of you came to GU a couple weeks ago.  Most likely, God spoke to you in a powerful way.  You had a God-encounter.  BUT then it’s back to regular life.  Back to school, behind on homework, bad grades.  Your parents are still fighting.  There’s still drama with your friends.  Your car gets broken into (Tommy).  What’s our response to regular life after God has specifically spoken to us?


Think of what Paul said to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1 – fan into flame the gift that is in you through the laying on of my hands.  Paul is telling him to stir up something that already exists.  We all have predispositions and inclinations to be good at certain things.  But they’re potential.  YOU have to practice your potential for your potential to become a reality.  God can speak something into your life, but you need to take active steps to see those things realized.


Things don’t change because we don’t change!  The definition of insanity:  doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.  When God speaks, we need to obey!  Pretty self-explanatory.

There have been great things happening in Regen.  There’s also POTENTIAL for more in Regen.  Believe it or not, whether that potential remains potential has more to do with YOU than it has to do with your leaders.  Let’s use the gifts that God has placed in each one of us to help others and build His church!

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